Site name:Amazon Japan

English page: available
International shipping: available(some items)
Payment methods: Credit cards
Currency: Japanese Yen
Stuff you can buy: What kind of Japanese stuff are you looking for? Books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, Electronics, Toys, Fashion, watches? You can buy almost anything.

Things you should know: As of November 1st, 2010, items that Amazon Japan
ships directly to other countries are CDs, DVDs, books and videos. If you want to buy any other stuff from Amazon Japan, you can use our shopping service. 
In this page, I will introduce you how to use Amazon Japan
, which is basically same as any other Amazon.

This is the top page of Amazon Japan
, you might able to find  “In English” link around the top right corner of the page, circled in red.

I hope you can see it, now.

When you click the “In English” link,  it will lead you to the page below.

In the page above, there are a lot of links that provide information on Amazon Japan, so you can get a general idea of how it works. Let’s see, if for example,  you are looking for Ayumi Hamazaki’s merchandise, enter “Ayumi Hamazaki” in the white space circled in red, then click “GO.”This is what you see after you click “GO.”  If you like an item, click on the item’s title.

Now, you can see more specific information about the product. Click “Add to Cart”, circled in red.

Can you see Ayumi Hamazaki DVD is added to your shopping cart?  Click “Proceed to Checkout”, circled in red.

To translate the page to English, click “Click here”

If you don’t have a membership with Amazon Japan, get an account here. According to Amazon Japan, “Your existing,,,, or account will not be recognized at” So, if you are using Amazon Japan for the first time, get an account first.

When you enter your email, they will ask your shipping address. Again as of September 30th 2010, the Amazon Japan only ships books, videos, CDs and DVDs internationally.  So if your order is books, videos, CDs, or DVDs, click “International” circled in red.   If your order can not be shipped to internationally, then click “Domestic.”

Whichever you choose, you will be asked for your shipping address.

If international shipping is available for your order,  you can just put your non Japanese address. If your order can not be shipped to internationally, then enter your Japanese address you got at the shipping company. You should be able to understand the rest, it is basically same as any other Amazon.

If you happen to see Japanese pages, look for “Click here” , circled in red, to translate in English.

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